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Been too long since my last post. I will do better. I just paid the renewal, so you’re stuck with That Planning Guy for 2 more years at least!

Not a lot to say that hasn’t been said repeatedly right now, but I hope everyone is safely tucked away in self isolation. Or those who can’t be home are being safe and careful.

I am sending this from 37000 feet above Central NY, on my way to Boston. Mini one’s school suddenly announced everyone out of rooms for semester, and moved out by Sunday. Last week they were letting people quarantine in place in dorms.

Going to be a lot of questions to answer later, but for now, please help your friends and strangers, keep calm. Be kind. Try to be patient.

The world has been here for 4.5 billion years. It took a massive meteor to kill off the last dominant species, and I think we’re probably smarter. So a disease with 98%recovery rate will be managed as well. Just need everyone to stop spreading it.

How we react if the most important thing right now.

Here if you need me~~

That Planning Guy

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