Quarantine..week something…

Aloha my loyal readers. Just checking in to make sure everyone is OK.

I hope everyone is using this time well. Read a book, learn a hobby. Learn a language. Take walks.

Eventually this will be over, the world will resume and I hope everyone continues to care about others as they are now.

I should be writing this from Maui, but since Hawaii is closed, we are missing our time. Very sad but we’ll be there this summer. I hope.

Be safe, be sheltered, avoid other people.

I’m still here, hope you are as well.

That Planning Guy

Aloha Readers

Been too long since my last post. I will do better. I just paid the renewal, so you’re stuck with That Planning Guy for 2 more years at least!

Not a lot to say that hasn’t been said repeatedly right now, but I hope everyone is safely tucked away in self isolation. Or those who can’t be home are being safe and careful.

I am sending this from 37000 feet above Central NY, on my way to Boston. Mini one’s school suddenly announced everyone out of rooms for semester, and moved out by Sunday. Last week they were letting people quarantine in place in dorms.

Going to be a lot of questions to answer later, but for now, please help your friends and strangers, keep calm. Be kind. Try to be patient.

The world has been here for 4.5 billion years. It took a massive meteor to kill off the last dominant species, and I think we’re probably smarter. So a disease with 98%recovery rate will be managed as well. Just need everyone to stop spreading it.

How we react if the most important thing right now.

Here if you need me~~

That Planning Guy

Welcome new Readers

Welcome to the new readers. I know a couple of people have joined in the past few weeks as I’ve made a lot of new connections.

For the new readers I just reiterate, I only write this for my own entertainment. I do not endorse products, I don’t take advertising, and sometimes I published football pics.

Hopefully wherever my next career stop is, I will still be able to continue writing this.

It’s a fascinating time and analytics. At NRF, I saw so many new startup and second and third-year companies doing analytics-as-a-service. Unfortunately several of the names that I remembered from years past were no longer there as it must be a very difficult process to differentiate yourself from anyone else.

Anyway I don’t have too much to say today but I just wanted to say hello to some new folks.

As always, I am —

That Planning Guy

Social Media Power

I know I’ve said it before but I am always amazed at the power of a social media post. The scope and reach is just amazing.
I posted on LI yesterday about going to NRF and so far, I have 3 new connections, and over 1200 views. In one day.
Hopefully this will be a great trip – want to see new tech, hear new ideas, and possibly find a place to use both!
Connect with old friends, make some new ones, and just revel in all things #Retail

I’ll post more from NYC~~
Your Man on the Street-
That Planning Guy