Unemployed Update

Didn’t want anyone to think I forgot my readers! I thought I’d pass on a few nuggets of wisdom I have gathered on the journey.

First lesson: you don’t have as many friends as you think you do. 1400+ LinkedIn contacts, 300+ Facebook friends, and my phone is not ringing off the hook. Where is everyone? I used to get 20-30 unsolicited mails a day. Now I don’t. So many Colleagues pinged me so often. I was guilty of confusing acquaintances for friends.

There is not enough time in the day. Every day I set out to do a lot of things, and every day I’m pressed for time. Time is still not replenishable. It’s finite. That’s been the biggest surprise.

Take time for your health. It’s amazing how fast you can heal/strengthen/improve when that’s your focus. And it always should be. Always.

Vacation coming up seems somehow different. I’m not ‘escaping’ from anything, so actually looking forward to trip for different reasons.

I don’t miss the environment I was in at the end, but I miss my teams. And miss a feeling of accomplishment that came occasionally. But now I enjoy the new accomplishments.

Last, I still haven’t actually decided what I WANT to do next. So many choices, and want to have a feeling of purpose in what I do next. That’s what I need to find.

For now, I remain,

That Planning Guy

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