Time still needs management

Funny while on this career pause- as a buddy of mine called it- I thought I would have all the time in the world to do all kinds of things and would have a lot of Leisure Time. Turns out I really don’t.

I still go to the gym every morning as my normal routine but I added an afternoon gym as part of a new routine. That leaves me several hours during the day of “open time” yet if I don’t plan this time out it seems to disappear the same as when I’m working.

So I’ve gone back to using a calendar. I plan my morning workout my afternoon workout and possibly another class in between.

The only difference now as it’s all for me, I’m not listing them as tasks; rather I’m considering them achievements or accomplishments.

When I look back on the day and I list the whole bunch of accomplishments, I definitely feel better about how the day progressed.

I hope I continue this methodology when my pause is over.

Time is finite, fellow #datanerds. It can never truly be replenished.

But I will always remain,

That Planning Guy

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