15 minutes

I increased my workout time by 15 min a few weeks ago.   I accomplished this by waking up 15 minutes earlier.   No real magic there. Now I do a solid hour on the elliptical machine.  
I have noticed some interesting things that have happened,  and a trend.  The first 10-15 min I am just getting going.   Minor effort,  heart rate not yet really in the Zone.  (big fan of HR based training,  all about the data!)
The next 30 minutes are kind of a grind.  Heart rate better,  just flowing along.  HR good effective,  efficient workout.  
It’s the last 15 min that bring me to here. This is when I am fully warmed up,  all aches and pains better,  and I am in  ‘countdown to be done’ mode.   Can step on the gas.   These minutes are greater exertion,  and obviously greater effect. 
OK,  where you going with this  one,  Planning Guy?
Analytics follows the same pattern.   (you knew that was coming by now!)
First block of time is gathering data.   Pulling sources,  building queries,  filling tables.   Necessary,  but not anywhere near the end game. 
Stage 2: assembly.  What goes with what.   Where is this pointing?  What joins the data points?  How do we present to make sense? 
Final group : Insight.  When we reap the fruit of the labor.   We bring home the answer.   And we are JACKED about what we now know. 
So,  how do we get more time in phase 3 and less in phase 1? I can wake up earlier.  So how do we WAKE UP  earlier in this world of analytics?

-That Planning Guy

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