Week 8 picks – lets get paid !

Back from the week at sea, completely disconnected, and recharged.

Last week I gave 3 picks and a teasers, and was PLUS money, so lets keep that strategy.

This week –
Steelers Over 49
Bears Over 42
And Seahawks getting 3 – But Seahwaks +125 is even better

Teaser Gift: Chiefs, Rams, Eagles (-2.5,-1.5, +10.5)

Refreshed Planning Guy, at your service


This week’s football pix

Week 7 and we are predictive. It’s really early and the model is still training, but early pix are:

Over 49 on Bucs/browns

Over 47 on Vikes/jets

Titan +7 vs Chargers.

And easy $$$ teaser- Miami+10 & 49’ers +17. Add in over 43 on Bears/Pat’s to go 3 teamer if you want.

It’s not gambling, it’s applied analytics.

Call me Planning Guy Sports Betting Services

Order of Operations


Yes we learned that in about 5th grade.

5+4 x 7 is not 63. It’s 33.

I only bring this up to make the point that things have to go in a certain order to be correct.

I continuously find myself explaining to other people that you cannot do Dynamic pricing until your Base pricing is correct.

I don’t know why so many people (or organizations) struggle with this basic concept.

It’s kind of like painting the inside of the house before the drywall is done.

Or tuning your engine before you even put it in the car.

Sometimes someone else will listen to me. Other times they choose not to.

Either way I will remain,

That Planning Guy


Once you achieve ( and I experience) great service, it becomes the new bar.

If you only deliver mediocre service, it’s much worse.

Better to have love and lost, almost- better to have expected mediocrity, and experienced “good” then expect great and.ne disappointed.

Food for thought- not just in Hospitality. In life.

I’ll try to write more often- because I AM,

That Planning Guy


I’m sure there’s a lesson in all of this. But hell if I know what it is right now.

Humility? Adaptation? More anger and disappointment than anything else.

This illness better be very short-lived.

It’s not fair when your body betrays you.

Not a good one.

As long as I can still write, I will still be,

That Planning Guy