Ready for the Superbowl tomorrow on many levels.

First, it’s Patriots, so of course hoping to win. I’ve always been a die-hard fan.

But more, another day of analytics: Line opened at -1, moved to -3, dropped to -2 1/2. That’s a lot of space to make a bet and get some “middle.”

All sports betting is just applied analytics. Actually, hate to admit it, all gambling is. Craps- how to bet. Blackjack- hit or stand. And at the core of all gaming is the inherent house advantage. Can your math overcome a rigged game?

Are you on the right side of equation? Getting the advantage is the difference between long term success and short term winning (or losing) So how do YOU rig the game?

Be smarter. Be exacting. Be present. And be relentless. Endeavor to persevere. The last man standing wins in gambling. Be the enigma.

If everyone is cheating, the best cheater wins. Tip the odds. Make the dice go YO more than 2/36.

And for now — watch a 41 year old QB dominate in a Superbowl against all odds.


From a Poolside Cabana, I am

That Planning Guy

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