Greatest Strength

Someone asked me recently what is my greatest strength. That’s a crazy question because you don’t know how you’re supposed to answer it in context.

In hindsight, I think my greatest strength is that people listen to me. But perhaps my greatest weakness is because I don’t know why they listen to me. I’ve never really gotten a handle on that.

One of the other answers to this that floats in and out of my head as I have the innate ability to make something complex seems simple. And again as all things in my life come with ying and yang, I think my weakness is oversimplifying to take the magic out of some magical things. Sometimes when you just give an answer, people think it’s simple. The black box is the useful on occasion.

Regression to the mean, #datanerds.

When you flip a coin enough times, no matter how many times heads comes up in a row, in an infinite loop it will always come back to even.

Pretty deep on a Sunday morning when the Patriots are in a bye week and there’s no games to watch.

And never forget- #AnalyticsDrivesBusiness

That Planning Guy

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