Every day we get closer to the goal: short term, long term, intermediate. Whatever the goal, we march never-ending closer.

Assuming the goals don’t move, are they just a function of effort x time?  If you set a path and move towards it, continuing the effort, pass milestones, won’t you eventually achieve whatever you are trying to? 

Is achievement as simple as Rate x Times= Distance? If you perform the tasks for the required time does that guarantee success? 

Shouldn’t it be that easy? 

So I postulate: ANY goal be achieved given a properly planned amount of time, with a correct skillset applied. 

Therefore, if achievement fails, it should be traceable back to AxB=C; the goal can’t be done? Or not enough time, or not the right skills applied.  

Assume all goals are in fact achievable.  Then it’s true that all failure can point to poor planning, or execution. 

As always, planning equals achievement, assuming time elapsed and skills utilized.

Makes me happy, and blessed to be,

 That Planning Guy

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