Frictionless Commence

I hear this phrase so often a conferences I attend. But I think the meaning has so many different versions.

Some people believe Uber is the pinnacle of frictionless commerce.

I am starting to think more like Starbucks version is where I want the world to evolve. this morning I ordered my coffee from the car from the parking lot simply because it was easier than explaining to the person at the register what I actually wanted.

So has the convenience of ordering on an app and picking up in-store superseded a avoidance of human contact? Or is it just an evolution.

I like the order online and pick-up in store method because I actually don’t like the idea of “shopping.” But is that because of the lack of service? I can’t imagine in ” fine dining” being able to order from a tablet on the table and just having the food come. The interaction with a waiter, sommelier, barrister, should still be an experience. Tell me why I want the Peking duck ? (I do!)

If you order an Uber and it’s a driverless car, does that make the experience even better then? Or is human contact something people actually want?

Frictionless commerce, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

That Planning Guy

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