Fourth Quarter


Great scene in a lot of movies, but the gesture originally credits back to Bear Bryant at ‘Bama- the fourth quarter belongs to us.

So we are having a good year, up well, good flow through, many new initiatives paying off.  Could easily coast through the end of the year. Ease back on driving business and relax a little.

I am having a good year as well. Planning dept doing great, amazing people.  New role, new challenges, new team members. Fun.  Could easily coast into the Holidays~~~ Ease back at the gym, come in a little later, maybe a few early outs.

We started the year with a BRING IT attitude.  We need to end it with a BROUGHT IT statement.  We’ll figure out next year after the ball drops on Times Square.

We play 4 quarters here.  Finish strong, finish what we started, finish to set the tone for the new year.

(“We play for the moments yet to come, looking for our place in the field”)

Stay tuned, faithful readers~~~

-That Planning Guy
PS- Go Gaels

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