2018 over, bring in 2019

I know a lot of people had a bad 2018, but I think that can be said of any year.

I had a good year:

Implemented a new ERP/POS at work, and I learned a ton of new skills.

Lost 40+ lbs and discovered Low Carb life. (Thanks Homie, you know who are)

Daughter got her dream CoOp this semester. So proud. Read her @The Globe every day.

Had a very lucky year gambling.

Made a lot of new friends and contacts. Some of you reading this.

But—The real questions at the end of the year is not a retrospective, but should be introspective. What did I improve? Who’s lives did I touch, and did I leave a positive impact. Did I help, did my presence matter?

As we start the new year, we #PlanningNerds need to be ready to answer THOSE questions in 8,760 hours. That’s what matters most.

Wherever the tides take me, I am always,

That Planning Guy

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