Welcome new Readers

Welcome to the new readers. I know a couple of people have joined in the past few weeks as I’ve made a lot of new connections.

For the new readers I just reiterate, I only write this for my own entertainment. I do not endorse products, I don’t take advertising, and sometimes I published football pics.

Hopefully wherever my next career stop is, I will still be able to continue writing this.

It’s a fascinating time and analytics. At NRF, I saw so many new startup and second and third-year companies doing analytics-as-a-service. Unfortunately several of the names that I remembered from years past were no longer there as it must be a very difficult process to differentiate yourself from anyone else.

Anyway I don’t have too much to say today but I just wanted to say hello to some new folks.

As always, I am —

That Planning Guy

Social Media Power

I know I’ve said it before but I am always amazed at the power of a social media post. The scope and reach is just amazing.
I posted on LI yesterday about going to NRF and so far, I have 3 new connections, and over 1200 views. In one day.
Hopefully this will be a great trip – want to see new tech, hear new ideas, and possibly find a place to use both!
Connect with old friends, make some new ones, and just revel in all things #Retail

I’ll post more from NYC~~
Your Man on the Street-
That Planning Guy


Life comes down to specific moments. Not necessarily minutes, hours, but a moment can be a day or a week.

When you look back over your life, it’s the moments you are proud of, or regret, or a least remember.

I’m expecting tomorrow may be a moment in my life. Which way? Can’t say. But all you can do is make it your best and regret nothing. (Sometimes I do like an existential view)

Since this “career pause” started, I have had so much time to really reflect on what I like, what matters most, and where I want to go. The vision is getting clearer every day.

As the calendar turns to a new decade, I face it with a better clarity than in had in a long time.


No matter where I go, where I land and what ultimately happens, I will always be,

That Planning Guy


I was reminded again today how important the relationships are that you build along the journey; often far more than the destinations even.

As I thought about that I reflect on a few specifics.

First, I had lunch with a former teammate who is still one of my favorite people. New hire became teammate became friend.

Next, I had a text ‘check in’ from another former colleague. Just wanted to see how I was doing. He worked with me for maybe 2 years, and left (and moved out of state) about a year ago. We still talk often.

I had another text chat later with a former colleague as well; I met her 18 years ago, and 3 companies ago. And we’re still close.

I had a call this week with a former account manager for a software company I used to do business with. We spent an almost an hour catching up. He hasn’t been our account rep in a several years, and I don’t even work there anymore of course.

And last, I am reminded of you, those who are reading this. Several work for a software company that we (my former company) left 2 years ago, but I can still call friends. Some left the companies THEY were with as well and we still talk.

The point? The mark you leave is more important than the ‘deal’ you made.

When you wake up in the morning, building relationships that matter is more important than anything else you do.

That’s how I want to live my life.

And today, as always, I am

That Planning Guy

Time still needs management

Funny while on this career pause- as a buddy of mine called it- I thought I would have all the time in the world to do all kinds of things and would have a lot of Leisure Time. Turns out I really don’t.

I still go to the gym every morning as my normal routine but I added an afternoon gym as part of a new routine. That leaves me several hours during the day of “open time” yet if I don’t plan this time out it seems to disappear the same as when I’m working.

So I’ve gone back to using a calendar. I plan my morning workout my afternoon workout and possibly another class in between.

The only difference now as it’s all for me, I’m not listing them as tasks; rather I’m considering them achievements or accomplishments.

When I look back on the day and I list the whole bunch of accomplishments, I definitely feel better about how the day progressed.

I hope I continue this methodology when my pause is over.

Time is finite, fellow #datanerds. It can never truly be replenished.

But I will always remain,

That Planning Guy

Toxic environment

If you have a very small sip of a toxin it generally doesn’t harm you, really.

You continue to have small does, often, daily, for a long time, and eventually you get used to it, adapt even. You don’t even notice it after a while. Or the feeling it creates.

But, once the toxin is removed, eventually you start feeling better. You didn’t realize until hindsight how bad it actually was.

That was what a toxic work environment is like. It’s hard to see from the inside.

Every day, slowly adapting and accepting. Becoming a new normal.

Only removed, and a sufficient time passing can I look and see what it was.

Now I can move forward, stronger, better, whole.


That Planning Guy

Unemployed Update

Didn’t want anyone to think I forgot my readers! I thought I’d pass on a few nuggets of wisdom I have gathered on the journey.

First lesson: you don’t have as many friends as you think you do. 1400+ LinkedIn contacts, 300+ Facebook friends, and my phone is not ringing off the hook. Where is everyone? I used to get 20-30 unsolicited mails a day. Now I don’t. So many Colleagues pinged me so often. I was guilty of confusing acquaintances for friends.

There is not enough time in the day. Every day I set out to do a lot of things, and every day I’m pressed for time. Time is still not replenishable. It’s finite. That’s been the biggest surprise.

Take time for your health. It’s amazing how fast you can heal/strengthen/improve when that’s your focus. And it always should be. Always.

Vacation coming up seems somehow different. I’m not ‘escaping’ from anything, so actually looking forward to trip for different reasons.

I don’t miss the environment I was in at the end, but I miss my teams. And miss a feeling of accomplishment that came occasionally. But now I enjoy the new accomplishments.

Last, I still haven’t actually decided what I WANT to do next. So many choices, and want to have a feeling of purpose in what I do next. That’s what I need to find.

For now, I remain,

That Planning Guy

Journey of 1000 Miles

Journey Of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step. – Lau Tzu

(Actually the expression refers to 1000 Li, which are about 360 miles!)

Interesting old expression, but I don’t agree. Isn’t the second step even more important? Taking the first step sets you in the direction but the second step gets you twice as far. Literally, 2x the first step.

It’s all about the math, #DataNerds

Make Today Matter.

-That Planning Guy